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Binding Service

We here at Webber’s have our very own binding and bevelling machines. We do all of our binding in our warehouse  at 1 The Crescent Annandale.

We can bind anything from small mats to large custom-made rugs and runners.

The binding process is done usually in one of two different ways:

1) We have plenty of offcuts & Remnants in our warehouse for you to choose from to have made into mats or rugs along with our massive range of carpets available from our preferred suppliers if you would prefer to order in a specific piece. We can also bind your own carpet if you actually decided to buy it elsewhere.

Make sure you have all of your sizes ready and then leave them with us to be bound. We can usually turn your offcuts into beautiful Mats in about 1 week, sometimes even the same day (depending upon how busy we are). In busy periods this may extend out to 2 weeks.

2) The Binding is a part of your runners or rugs being “fitted” by an installer.

Normally the process takes approximately 1 week. It is a 3 stage process.

Firstly, with the installer will cut the carpet to shape on site.

Secondly, he will bring the carpet back to our warehouse for binding.

Thirdly, the installer will make a second visit to your home or job site for the installation of your bound carpet.

We can take the binding machine to site if need be as it is also portable.

This can accommodate jobs that need to be done on a same day turn around. The installer can cut the Stair Runner or Rug to shape, we bind the material on site shortly after and then the installer can fit it into place the same day.

Due to the health & well being our staff, we will only Handle & Bind New carpet that has not been used or walked on. To avoid embarrassment, please do not ask us to bind your second hand carpet.

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