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Every job is cut to shape and tailored to fit the individual’s home prior to it leaving the warehouse, unlike most other carpet stores that send out whole pieces for the installer to do on site.


At Webbers Carpets we like to know that the job will be fitted out by our installation team in the very best way it it can, every time.


That’s why we meticulously measure every wall In the home where the carpet will be installed before we even get to the quoting process. 


This ensures a few different things:


  • We know that the measurements are correct and that they add up how they should.

  • We then confidently cut to those measurements, knowing it is shaped and cut accurately before the installation takes place.

  • The installer knows the carpet will fit and doesn’t have to spend time worrying about cutting it himself or wasting valuable time on site trying to work it all out.

  • The installation is done in the most efficient way with minimal downtime for both the customer and the installers.

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