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There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when pricing up your job. 

1)First & Foremost, planning and installing your job to the Australian Standards or better than the Australian Standards is our main objective. In most cases we will plan your job better than the Australian Standards; as this is how we would expect it to be done in our own homes. Webber’s Carpets have become renown for the quality of our workmanship around Sydney.
Did you know, we would be one of the only companies left in Australia who Cut, Shape & Join up your carpet before it leaves our warehouse for installation? Most other companies will leave that to their installers to work out on their own; which is not ideal.


2)Type of carpet chosen; does it require pattern matching? If so, how large is the pattern match? The larger the pattern, the larger the waste factor.


3) Waste factor; what is the size of your room/s compared to the width of the carpet chosen? Do your rooms require fills/Joins? Are they in one piece or in multiple pieces? Are they planned to the Australian Standards or better?


4) Access to your property; Is your house on the side of a cliff face or is it a standard house with easy access? Every Job is different….


5)Parking; Is parking available? Every job needs to have parking made available for the installers and must be practically viable.


6) Difficulty of the job itself; Some are hard, and some are easy. A site measure & inspection is the only way to produce a firm Quote for you.


7)Extras; Stairs, Furniture, take up and disposing of existing carpet? All of these are chargeable extras that will need to be added if required.


All plans provided by you for estimation are just estimates and are subject to an on-site measure & inspection.

Please note:
Webber’s Carpet Warehouse will always quote you by the lineal metre as this is how the carpet comes to us (unless they are carpet tiles). We will not quote you by the m2 unless asked. We find by quoting by the m2 is misleading & not accurate as carpet is simply not manufactured in a m2.


If you are after a comparison price by the m2, you should roughly add 20% on average to that m2 price as a waste factor; this will get you closer to the actual price of your floorcovering. 

Other Retailers would only be too happy to quote you by the m2, excluding the underlay, excluding the laying, excluding GST as it sounds cheaper, so please check what their price does or does not include when trying to compare our prices.

Lastly, we don’t pretend to be the cheapest, because we know we are not. We are however the best value for money out there. We are the best at what we do and we strive to make your job the best it can be with the materials you choose.

Webber’s Carpet Warehouse is now into its 41st year of operation and 3 Generations strong. If you want your job done the right way, then give us a call…… (02) 96602933

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